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Catsfield Community Speedwatch


Vehicles speeding through Catsfield has been a problem for many years. Action from the Police and Highways has until now been based on the need for two serious accidents or deaths before enforcement or infrastructure changes are considered. Catsfield is piloting a Rother Area Local Councils (RALC) project in partnership with the Police and Highways to find a way forward to reduce speeding. This uses traffic survey equipment to assess the level of risk and Community Speed Watch (CSW) and is supported by the Police though enforcement action.

The Parish Council has now agreed with the Police a schedule of enforcement in Catsfield for the next six months as the next stage of our project. The Police have held 4 enforcement sessions in Catsfield since the start of April and we are already seeing a reduction in the numbers of vehicles speeding at our targeted periods in the day.


8000 cars pass through our village each day.  4000 of those are exceeding the speed limit. We now all have the opportunity to make a change by volunteering to be a member of CSW. If we do that we will continue to get the support for CSW from the Police and reduce speeding in our Village.


We currently only hold regular CSW sessions on The Green but we can expand that to The Stream and to Church Road if we have enough volunteers. We have only a few active volunteer members in Catsfield Speedwatch at the moment. We need more volunteers to keep this project going and to expand to other areas of the village.


Can you spare 1 hour a month to volunteer?


We know from reading resident’s comments about speeding on the Catsfield Facebook page that this is something many of you feel strongly about. Now there is an opportunity for you to take action. 

If you want to make a difference and volunteer contact the Parish Council Clerk by


Email : for more information or go to the Community Speedwatch website at where you can find details on how to join us.

23 May 21