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Catsfield Community SpeedWatch



Does the speed of vehicles through our village concern you?


Recent recording of vehicle speeds though the village show that motorists are regularly travelling at 38-55 mph in the 30 mph limited area. Roughly one vehicle every two minutes exceeds the speed limit at speed of at least 38mph. There have also been several reports of near misses with pedestrians on the Zebra crossing and long standing reports of vehicles speeding past the school.


Catsfield now has a new speedwatch team of volunteers. We use police approved radar equipment to record the speed of vehicles travelling through the village and report these to the police via the Community Speedwatch website. Motorists reported all receive warning letters from the police and repeat offenders will be targeted for further action by the police.


We currently have 6 volunteers in our group and need more residents to join us. This will enable us to set up speed recording sessions on weekdays and more regularly.


Does this concern you? Can you spend one hour every one or two weeks to record speeding vehicles in our village? If so please follow the link below for more information about Community Speedwatch and how to join the Catsfield speedwatch group.  


For more info on speedwatch goto


And to join our group click on the Register dropdown box

Choose Join an existing group

Choose Join as an operator

Choose –  Sussex,  - Rother,  - Catsfield


And enter your details.


When registered you will need to complete an on line quiz on the speedwatch website. When you have completed this I will contact you to arrange for further training and to introduce you to our group.


Keith Robertson

Speedwatch Co-Ordinator



8th February 2017

23 Feb 17