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2019 Village Events

2019 Spring Show

Please click HERE for a Schedule and Entry Form for the following classes.......



  1. Single daffodil/narcissus-one bloom- any variety
  2. Double daffodil/narcissus-one bloom- any variety
  3. 3 blooms any miniature variety of spring bulbs
  4. Vase of 3 blooms daffodil/narcissus- any variety large or small cup
  5. Vase of 3 blooms, large trumpet daffodil/narcissus
  6. Vase of 3 blooms, daffodil/narcissus- any one variety double
  7. 1 stem each of as many varieties of daffodil/narcissus as you can find on the day
  8. Wallflowers 3 stems – any one variety
  9. Polyanthus – 3 stems
  10. Tulip – one specimen
  11. Tulip – vase of 3 – any variety
  12. 3 sticks of Rhubarb, with leaves trimmed to 3”
  13. Grape hyacinths – 5 stems
  14. Camellia – one specimen
  15. Vase of mixed flowers
  16. Cactus in a pot or bowl
  17. Flowering bulbs planted in any container
  18. Flowering plant in a pot (not orchid)
  19. Foliage plant in a pot
  20. One vase of flowering shrubs (judged as flowers not an arrangement)

    Decorative Classes

  21. Ikebana: An exhibit in an Ikebana style
  22. An exhibit of daffodils/narcissi and any foliage  (max width 24”)
  23. An exhibit of foliage and spring flowers in a basket
  24. An exhibit of a small scale design. Space allowed 12” wide x12” deep x 12” high.


  25. Simnel Cake
  26. Olive bread
  27. 5 Pieces of shortbread – Men only
  28. Victoria Sponge
  29. Jar of Marmalade
  30. 5 Cheese straws
  31. 5 Sausage rolls
  32. 5  Jam Tarts – Men only
  33. 8 Chocolate truffles maximum 1”


  34. “Wings”
  35. “Going Wild”


  36.  A 3D model of an owl – in any material (Maximum 14”overall)
  37. Park Gate residents’ class

    Children’s Classes

  38. 3 Decorated fairy cakes
  39. A decorated hard boiled egg
  40. Decorated Easter card
  41. A hand made picture of a Flower A4 max
  42. As many different items beginning with the letter G as you can on a paper plate and provide a list
  43. Catsfield C of E Primary School Class
  44. Catsfield Under 5’s Class
  45. Doing it for Team Belle. Handcrafted item made in conjunction with fundraising on 12th April.


The Catsfield Summer Flower Show & Fete will be held on

Saturday 3rd August, at the Playing Fields.

The Photographic Classes will be: “OH I do like to be beside the seaside”

and “Boating Delights”

The photographic Class for Catsfield residents will be:  ”Super Sussex”

Last updated: 15 Sep 16