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Active Societies found in Catsfield

Catsfield Village Hall

Lord Brassey - of railway fame - who lived at Normanhurst provided our Village Hall in 1903 and it has served villagers well ever since.  At the beginning of the 1990's the Parish Council who were running the Hall at the time, realised that grants for may needed improvements could be obtained if the Hall was run by a charity.  Such a charity was formed and after much hard work and fund raising the improvements, which can be seen today, came into being.  This included incorporating the former caretaker's house, Hermon Cottage into the main structure of the Hall

Later works have included a new and more flexible heating system, a new floor in the main hall (the old one was causing too many splinters for the playgroup and keep fit class to cope with) and a refurbished kitchen.  A programme of regular maintenance and renovation is planned for the future. 

For all Village Hall enquiries and bookings please contact Mrs Carol Hodgson either by email at or by telephone on 01424 892831 / 07967116972 or in person at April Cottage, Church Road, Catsfield.  You can also now check the availibility of the Village Hall online via the following link:- 

Village Hall Calendar

Catsfield Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS)

Records seem strangely silent as to the origins of this society but the best suggestion is that it stemmed from The Boys' Club Pantomime in 1944 organised by Bertha Broadley wife of the owner of the garage. which used to be where Broadley View Cottages now stand.  The society then developed through the Tennis Club Concert Party to CADS, which by the mid fifties was presenting full-length plays, which it then continued to do until the mid eighties when falling audiences prompted a change to pantomimes.  This was a recipe for great success and 2009 is a special year as CADS will present its 25th pantomime.  Apart from these annual offerings CADS will often perform fund raising murder mysteries and one-act play evenings.  CADS attract people in their teens to those in their eighties, mostly from the village but it is always willing to import talent from further afield.

Catsfield Horticultural Society

The Horticultural Society goes back many years in the history of Catsfield.  Its prime role seems to have always been the annual flower show and fete held at various venues over the years including Twisly and Parkgate before finishing up on The Playing Fields.  However it has in the recent past also provided for its members evening talks, outings and even a horticultural shop.

In the middle of the last century the flower show and fete started to show a profit and initially the committee used to give donations to various local charities as they saw fit.  Then with dwindling helpers village groups were offered a stall in exchange for a share of the surplus funds.  Latterly this has changed to funds being given to a particular project.  In recent years some younger people have stepped forward to take up the running of the fete side of things which is slowly spreading into the flower show aspect, giving raised hope for a continuing future for the Society.

Catsfield Social Club

We meet in the Village Hall every Tuesday between 7pm and 10am - pm. We have numerous board games, a Wii and a table tennis table.  Many of our members enjoy a game of scrabble, others come just to chat and enjoy free refreshments.  Bring your knitting or anything you enjoy doing.  There is room for most things and a warm welcome awaits.  Come for the evening or pop in for a while.  Still only £2. 

The Catsfield Book Group

We meet the third Tuesday of the month in the Village Hall at 4pm to discuss our book of the month.  These are provided by Battle Library, which is most convenient, as they allow members who would like to keep their book longer, to return it to any ESCC library.  To cover the cost of the hire of the Hall we pay £1 per meeting.  Discussion is always lively and adds to the interest and enjoyment of reading: we all say that the Reading Group makes us read books we might never else have tackled.  The more difficult the book, often the more interesting the discussion.  We have members from Catsfield, Battle, Bexhill and Ashburnham and are always pleased to welcome new readers.

Catsfield Triangle Association

Set up in 2016 to put on an annual event around the Catsfield Triangle of roads (The Green, Church Road and Church Lane) to raise money for the village projects and local charities, the inaugural Catsfield Boat Race was held on 18th September 2016 and was a huge success.
Further details can be found at or by emailing the Chairman, Scott Lavocah at 

Catsfield Pre-School

Our local Pre-School runs term-time sessions Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm in Catsfield Village Hall. They offer 2 year old funded sessions, 3 year old funded sessions and 30 hour funded sessions COMPLETELY FREE. Full details can be found on their website: or follow them on Facebook for all the latest news or simply give them call on 0753 2188 610

Last updated: 15 Sep 16