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Catsfield Horticultural Society


The Horticultural Society goes back many years in the history of Catsfield.  Its prime role seems to have always been the annual flower show and fete held at various venues over the years including Twisly and Parkgate before finishing up on The Playing Fields.  However it has in the recent past also provided for its members evening talks, outings and even a horticultural shop.


In the middle of the last century the flower show and fete started to show a profit and initially the committee used to give donations to various local charities as they saw fit.  Then with dwindling helpers village groups were offered a stall in exchange for a share of the surplus funds.  Latterly this has changed to funds being given to a particular project.  In recent years some younger people have stepped forward to take up the running of the fete side of things which is slowly spreading into the flower show aspect, giving raised hope for a continuing future for the Society.


Last updated: 20 Apr 19