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Catsfield Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS)

Records seem strangely silent as to the origins of this society but the best suggestion is that it stemmed from The Boys' Club Pantomime in 1944 organised by Bertha Broadley wife of the owner of the garage. which used to be where Broadley View Cottages now stand.  The society then developed through the Tennis Club Concert Party to CADS, which by the mid fifties was presenting full-length plays, which it then continued to do until the mid eighties when falling audiences prompted a change to pantomimes.  This was a recipe for great success and 2009 is a special year as CADS will present its 25th pantomime.  Apart from these annual offerings CADS will often perform fund raising murder mysteries and one-act play evenings.  CADS attract people in their teens to those in their eighties, mostly from the village but it is always willing to import talent from further afield.

Last updated: 20 Apr 19